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Many services claim to offer accurate draw odds. The catch is these can be PAST years. In our portal, you will find Draw Odds for the CURRENT YEAR! How is this possible? Our team of engineers have examined draws for many years and can predict upcoming draw odds with near pinpoint accuracy, giving you the best advantage possible during tag application season.

Our engineers can predict odds with pinpoint accuracy, providing the best advantage during application season.
Draw odds - the most accurate and only CURRENT draw odds available. - Accurate & CURRENT
Zone filtering - find a tag that is fit for you using our advanced zone filtering. - Find that special tag
Hunt planner - plan out your hunts with ease using our hunt planner. - Plan your next hunt
Detailed statistics - find golden opportunities using our detailed statistics for tags. - Find hidden gems
Draw details - gain an unfair advantage by knowing the details on how the draw actually works. - Know how it works

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Access the most accurate draw odds for the state of California, a tag filter that with a breakdown of each tag, a hunt planner that breaks down tags into an easy to read calendar, a cost calculator so you know how much (and how much not) to spend on hunting tags and licenses, details on how the draw works and what tags are in each classification, and more!

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